SXR Capture Drive

(CDX-37018, CDX-37019, CDX-37020, CDX-37021)

Supported cameras and recording formats

The SXR Capture Drive is compatible with the following cameras and recording formats:

CameraRecording formats
Panasonic Varicam PureVRAW
Panasonic VaricamVRAW
Canon C700Canon RAW. ProRes

Supported CODEX Media Stations

The SXR Capture Drive can be used with the following CODEX Media Stations:

Media stationProduct code
SXR Capture Drive Dock - Thunderbolt 3CDX-75013-1
SXR Capture Drive Dock - Thunderbolt 2CDX-75013, CDX-75014
Capture + Transfer Drive Dock - Thunderbolt 3CDX-62102-3


The SXR Capture Drive comes in two capacities which are indicated by the coloured ring around the drive:

Product codeCapacityRing color

Erasing / Formatting 

The Erase option in Device Manager is a good way to prepare your Media to return to camera once all data has been safely offloaded. You will then be prompted automatically to format the Compact Drive once it is loaded back on to camera.

The Format option in Device Manager is not required for CODEX recording Media.

Warning: There is no ‘undo’ option after Media has been formatted or erased, so only use these options once all critical data has been securely backed up to another storage location.

When an SXR Capture Drive is reformatted in the ALEXA SXT or LF in ProRes mode, a secure erase operation is performed. This means that data is entirely deleted and recovery is not possible.

When an SXR Capture Drive is reformatted in the ALEXA SXT, LF or 65 in ARRIRAW mode, all data is deleted, but in some cases data recovery could be possible provided no further material is recorded.

If a Compact Drive is reformatted or erased on a computer, then in some cases it may be possible to recover. Please contact CODEX Support.
Our support team is available to answer any questions:

9.00am - 6.00pm telephone and email support is available through our teams in London and Los Angeles.

Codex Support Email:
Codex US Support: +1 323 283 8929
Codex UK Support: +44 203 7000 999
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